About the Artist

As a photographer, I look to emphasize the beauty and aesthetics of the world around me. I want the viewer to have a sense of time and place while experiencing a complete personal emotion although the presentation is but a partial representation. It is a subtle form of activism, reaching the deepest levels of our humanity to challenge our assumptions and alter the way we live. I am but a humble observer of the world, capturing moments as frames and sharing these frames with the viewer.

For years I pursued photography as an avocation alongside my other careers, but the flame of passion has a way of burning away all the trivialties. I studied under seventeen internationally reknown photographers from Turkey between the years 2000-2003, while attending college. From this experience I was able to take part in three joint exhibitions: Nazim Photography School (NCH-PS) Exhibition 2001, Photography and Art Association (FSK) Exhibition 2002, and Hacettepe University - Department of Fine Arts Exhibition 2003.

Upon finishing college with a degree in American Culture & Literature, I left Turkey behind and started travelling the world and viewing it through my lense. I worked jobs on cruise lines and fishing canneries, hotels and graphic shops, and finally landed in a place where I could stretch my wings out as a professional photographer.

Together with my partners Joseph Vance and Brandon Dunaway, I founded Lucid SFX Development, where I perform research and development photography for their work with 3D visual effects. This created a new dimension to my photography repetoire, pushing ideals of macro-photography and still life in ways I was not used to. I also gained access to shooting on-set photography, where I was able to document filmmaking processes and beautiful set developments. Networking this whole time with actors and actresses opened an opportunity for me to revisit doing headshots and model portfolios. I combined this work with using my new disciplines in the world of chromascreens and developed an artistic flair that emphasizes the aesthetics of the moment, as well as the addition of a plethera of imaginable settings. My goal is to make every picture into a frame of artistic creation. My frames convey my passion and my imagination.