Tips - Before Your Session

1. Starting several weeks prior, make sure you get rid of tan lines & unsightly body hair. Even if you do not expose it during the shoot, it would give you piece of mind, and shows if you are comfortable or self-conscious about how you look and feel.

2. If you need a trim, do it at least 2 week prior to the shoot. Last minute changes would make you uncomfortable, and shows in your photos. Also, most styles would take 2-3 weeks to blend-in with your hair.

3. If you dye your hair, get it refreshed a few days prior to your shoot. If you do not color your hair, try "shades" or a toner just a shade lighter then your hair to make it shine. Make sure there are no dark roots, or unwanted grays showing.

4. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week and also the morning of the shoot.

5. Spend a little time in the mirror and work out little details. Try your smile, your poses here and there, but do not get obsessed with posing. You want to look natural and comfortable.

6. Starting at least a week prior, drink lots of water, carry it with you everywhere you go, and keep sipping. That will give you shiny, well-hydrated skin & hair that would show through your photos.

7. Please make especially sure your facial hair is taken care of.

*Ladies... Have your brows professionally shaped and then keep them up by plucking the strays every few days.

**You should also be aware of your fine hair around the lips. If you need to get it waxed, do it at least a week prior to your sitting.

***Gentlemen..., if you want some rougher shots with facial hair and others without, take your shaving kit with you, and make sure that your photographer knows you plan on doing this.

8. Stop using Retin-A and Alpha Hydroxy creams at least 72 hours before your photo shoot, as they may cause skin peeling that will show with photo makeup.

9. Avoid dry lips by putting petroleum jelly (Vaseline™), balsam, or your preferred cosmetic item on your lips before bed and the morning of your shoot.

10. Consuming excessive red meat, alcohol, and caffeine 2-3 days prior to your photo shoot will give you oily skin; try to avoid these foods & beverages.

11. Consuming spicy foods, and too much salt the day before your shoot will cause your body to store access water and make you look bloated.

12. Fingernails and toenails should be one length, well manicured, and the polish should be colorless, French, or a very natural looking shade unless this shoot calls for color.

13. Get plenty rest the night before, and enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning. Missing a meal and coming to the shoot is not going to make you look skinny, but tired & warn out.

14. Carry your mascara to the shoot with you. If you are hiring a make-up artist, make sure use he/she only uses disposable wands.

15. Do not bring new clothes you have not tried on before. You must be comfortable in your own skin or the doubt in your mind will show through your posture and your face.

16. Don't bring any clothing that you know feels weird or sits strangely. Chances are it will, at the very least, make you feel awkward and that uncomfortable feeling will show up on camera.

17. If you are not hiring a hair-dresser, use your regular styling products that you are accustomed to. Do not try new curlers, strainers, a new hair-do, or a new product.

18. Do not over-condition your hair before a shoot, as it will make your hair look flat. Heavy products may also cause build-up and pull your hair down.

19. Make sure your hair is dry before you arrive at the shoot.

20. Once you are under the spots, block-out the outside world. Be comfortable in your own skin, and bring out the beauty. Remember, you are pure as a drop of rain-water, you smell like roses, and every body wants to be you at this very moment.

21. If you are slightly over weight, shooting from an above angle works; as well as elongating your neck. These tricks help disguise an unwanted double chin look.

22. Communicate through your eyes. Your eyes as well as your posture should show your high self-esteem, and happiness. A smile without eyes is a pose, an emotion communicated through your eyes is a success.

23. There are easy tricks to align your body to create aesthetic lines during the shoot. One foot slightly past the other foot pointing forward towards the camera is the most commonly used pose by females. Works every time, and you can always add a little spice to it.

24. Remember: This photo shoot is about you! You want to show the casting director that you are comfortable in your own skin, friendly, and easy-going. Head-shots are the biggest part of marketing yourself, and no one knows you better.

25. Be animated, and have fun during your shoot!


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